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Royal Blackjack Table Games (Pragmatic Play)

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Royal Blackjack Table Games  (Pragmatic Play)

Royal Blackjack Table Games (Pragmatic Play)

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Pragmatic Play's Royal Blackjack slots game is a unique game that offers players the opportunity to play a classic game in a modern digital environment. The game is designed to offer an exciting and engaging experience, featuring full graphics, digital sound effects, and a variety of bonuses. Additionally, Pragmatic Play's industry-leading Random Number Generator (RNG) technology ensures that each game is fair and unbiased. Furthermore, Royal Blackjack also includes a double-or-nothing feature, allowing players to potentially double their winnings. Ultimately, Pragmatic Play's Royal Blackjack offers a great gaming experience, incorporating all of the essential elements of traditional blackjack games.

Royal Blackjack by Pragmatic Play is a classic game of blackjack that is played with six decks of cards and offers many unique features. The game allows the player to choose from different types of games, including classic version, multi-hand blackjack, and royal blackjack. Each variation of the game has its own specific rules and payouts. This game also offers a special bonus round where the player can win extra chips. The game also offers a sidebet option where players can wager extra chips and can win additional prizes. For entertainment purposes, the game also offers a unique feature where the player can play against a virtual dealer.

  • What are the special features of Pragmatic Play's Royal Blackjack slots game?
    1. Auto-rebetting - You can easily keep repeating your bet with the auto-rebetting feature. 2. Payouts - Royal Blackjack has a huge potential for players with a maximum payout of 250:1 for a Natural Blackjack. 3. Betting options - There are multiple betting options available, ranging from 1 coin to 50 coins. 4. Multi-Player - You can also play Royal Blackjack with up to 3 additional players. 5. Live Dealers - Live croupiers hosted by Pragmatic Play bring a unique touch to this classic game. 6. Side Bets - Pragmatic Play's Royal Blackjack also offers interesting side bets like Insurance and 21+3, providing additional chances to win.
  • What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) for Royal Blackjack?
    The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Royal Blackjack is 99.90%.
  • What is the maximum win potential for Royal Blackjack?
    The maximum win potential for Royal Blackjack is 9:1, meaning a player can win up to nine times their initial bet.
  • How does the side bet feature of Royal Blackjack work?
    The side bet feature of Royal Blackjack is an optional wager that can improve the payouts of the game. It is based on the player getting dealt a special combination of specific cards. To use the side bet feature, the player must place a bet in addition to their normal bet for the round. The payouts for the side bet depend on the strength of the player's hand, as follows: one pair (2–2, 3–3, etc.) pays 1-1; two pairs pays 2-1; three-of-a-kind pays 3-1; straight pays 4-1; flush pays 5-1; full house pays 7-1; four-of-a-kind pays 20-1; straight flush pays 50-1; and royal flush pays 100-1. The side bet feature is only available when playing the game with five decks.
  • Are there any strategies that players can use to increase their chances of winning with Royal Blackjack?
    1. Stick to the Basic Strategy. Knowing the mathematically correct play in every situation is the best way to increase your chances of winning with Royal Blackjack. 2. Place correct bets. Don’t overbet when you know the odds are against you, and don’t underbet when your hand has a higher probability of winning. 3. Know when to hit and when to stand. Taking the time to understand when to stand or hit is essential for any blackjack player. 4. Take Insurance. If the dealer has an Ace, taking insurance is an often overlooked way to hedge your bets. 5. Keep count. Keeping track of cards that have already been played can help you determine when it’s a better idea to hit or stand. 6. Play with a small bankroll. A large bankroll can lead to over-gambling and it’s important to set limits on how much you’re willing to lose in any given session.
  • What special symbols appear within the Royal Blackjack slots game?
    The special symbols that appear within the Royal Blackjack slots game are: the Ace and King of Spades, a joker, a dollar sign, a wild symbol, a royally themed golden spade, and a jackpot.
  • How do the minigame elements of the Royal Blackjack slots game work?
    The minigame elements of the Royal Blackjack slots game work by allowing players to engage in a more interactive level of play. When playing the game, players can toggle between slots and blackjack with the press of a button. In the blackjack minigame, players will start with the same amount of chips, then the dealer will deal out two cards per player. Each player gets to make their decision based on the two cards they were dealt. The goal is to hit 21 or beat the dealer, depending on the bet placed. When the round is completed, winnings are determined based on traditional blackjack rules. Players then switch back to the slots game and continue to play as normal.
  • What bonuses and promotions are available to players of Royal Blackjack?
    At Royal Blackjack, players can take advantage of the following bonuses and promotions: • Welcome Bonus: All new players receive a 100% match up to $200 on their first deposit. • Refer a friend: For every friend referred, players will receive a 25% bonus of up to $100. • Happy Hour Bonus: All players will have the chance to take advantage of a 20% cashback bonus on their deposits every Monday & Thursday. • Loyalty Program: All players can earn Loyalty Points for every real money game played and can build up their loyalty points to unlock bigger and better rewards. • Regular Promotions: Regular promotions are also available at Royal Blackjack including deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, double points bonuses and more.
  • Are there any progressive jackpots associated with the Royal Blackjack slots game?
    No, there are no progressive jackpots associated with Royal Blackjack.
  • Is Royal Blackjack available to play on mobile devices?
    No, Royal Blackjack is not available to play on mobile devices.

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